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Productivity in Program Management - Saving Time by Cloning Last Year Programs

Efficient time management is always a hot topic. When it comes to program management, it is crucial to rely on a software that has been designed to make the whole process as easy as possible for every participant in the program. A dedicated program administrator will make sure to plan well ahead of each stage of the process.

In a lifecycle of an award, starting from pre-awards preparation and the entry period, to reviewers' invitations, making decisions and announcing of the winners, program manager has no simple task. In order to make this experience as smooth and stress-free as possible, it is important to set up each part of the process in advance. With this in mind, a program manager will make sure to allot time and resources for a successful preparation of every step of the way.

1. Initial pre-award preparation

Moving on from an initial idea and putting program into action, a program manager is in charge of setting up all future stages of the program management process. It is essential to make sure that each form is set up correctly and that all elements are properly adjusted. When the program is generated for the first time, each individual program element must be created beforehand. The elements involve all the program information, links, labels, forms, notifications and defining the timeline. This might seem like something that can be produced quickly, however, people often underestimate how much goes into preparation. This is why it is helpful to make use of all the possible shortcuts an efficient program software can offer.

Illustration #1

2. Multiple year program preparation

Setting up all future programs should be made much easier. In the like manner, taking unnecessary steps should be avoided, as almost all required elements of the process had already been created. Therefore, investing in a new functionality such as allowing users to reuse last year’s elements is incredibly helpful and convenient. One of such features is cloning last year's programs. Cloning means that the same elements are used for the new cycle - the same submission and review forms, notifications, etc. Its benefits are manifold – not only does it save significant time needed to produce each program element, but it also offers a consistent and uniform structure of the program lifecycle. Of course, it is crucial that all elements are reviewed and that all interchangeable details are properly presented by placeholders, making sure that all new dates, names or roles are properly picked up.

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All in all, making each award organization workflow more efficient and consistent is a staple characteristic of any professional program management software. Award management is a big organizational undertaking, but by being well prepared and choosing the right software, yours is much more likely to be successful.

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